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What is Lactic Acid and How Does it Affect Athletes?

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If you are a competitive athlete or a sports trainer, then you may be aware that changes in pH levels can have a large effect on your health, fatigue level, pain, athletic performance and more. Your muscles tend to work best when they are in a narrow range of pH. When at rest, your muscle pH is around 6.9 and your arterial blood flow is around 7.4. When you perform exercises, it increases your use of muscle glycogen. When muscle glycogen increases it starts to produce lactic acid, which decreases muscle pH.  The harder you perform exercises the quicker your muscles become acidic which leads you to feeling fatigued.

What is Lactic Acid?

Lactic Acid occurs in your muscles when they are under high-energy demand, rapid fluctuations of energy requirement and insufficient supply of O2. When you exercise, your body will use oxygen to break down glucose for energy. When you do an intense exercise, you may not have enough oxygen available so that your body creates a substance called lactate or lactic acid. Once lactate is made, your body will convert it to energy without using oxygen. However, lactic acid builds in your bloodstream faster than you can burn it off and can cause a build up and in turn causes fatigue.

Alkaline Water

By drinking alkaline water, it helps athletes to improve their performance and competitiveness. Combining alkaline water into your diet helps to reduce acidity in exercising muscles, improve workout intensity and recovery time. The benefits of alkaline water exceed its ability to raise pH levels in the cells and neutralizing acids. Alkaline water has gained free electrons through the electrolysis process, which in turn allows it to donate electrons to active oxygen free radicals – therefore causing it to become a super antioxidant. By donating the electrons, alkaline water is able to block the oxidation of normal tissue by free oxygen radicals. A lot of people, athletes included, don’t consume enough alkaline rich foods like nuts, fruits and vegetables. Instead, their diets contain a high amount of acid-forming foods, like meats and dairy products.

Being properly hydrated is a key factor in helping to prevent exercise fatigue, so by drinking alkaline water before, during and after an exercise, it will help tremendously. By regularly drinking alkaline water it will help athletes to stay better hydrated, increase their stamina, recover more quickly, and increase their energy. If you have any further questions, Peak Alkalinity is here to help!

Peak Alkalinity is based out of Fairhope, Alabama and sells premium water ionizers and a line of supporting products to help you discover optimal health from the inside out. We understand the many benefits of having proper alkaline levels in your body, and we’re committed to helping you live the healthiest, most fulfilled life you possibly can. We also provide a variety of health and wellness services, including massages, mineral showers, and more. Let us help you reach peak alkalinity.

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